Practice Areas

The JFB legal team has more than 70 years’ combined experience handling clients’ most difficult contested matters. We have appeared in courts across the nation and around the world, and we specialize in finding solutions for the most complicated civil, regulatory, and criminal matters.

Courtroom Advocacy

First and foremost, we are trial lawyers. Collectively, the team has 600+ days of trial experience in a wide variety of settings. We have tried everything from business disputes, to libel and slander, securities fraud, false advertising, criminal extortion, and everything in between. As a result, we know how to build a winning record, and more importantly, how to present it persuasively to a judge or a jury. We have a winning record at criminal trials and have achieved verdicts for our clients worth more than $30 billion, counting amounts recovered and losses avoided.

In addition to trials, we have argued significant motions and appeals for multiple Fortune 500 companies and prominent individuals. We are frequently retained to handle important arguments when skill at “oral advocacy” is needed most.

Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration and mediation are types of litigation, but not the same as proceeding in a traditional court setting. These alternative systems require their own set of skills, most importantly because the rules of evidence do not apply. We have represented clients in arbitrations and mediations involving commercial matters, securities claims, professional sports, and labor issues.

Regulatory Investigations

Almost all businesses are subject to extensive scrutiny and regulation. This is particularly true in the energy sector and in the financial services industry. Handling regulatory inquiries and representing clients under investigation requires particular finesse and expertise. We have successfully represented clients in matters involving the Department of Justice, several United States Attorneys, the SEC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, State Attorneys General, the Manhattan District Attorney, and the United States Congress.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our most important skill is advocacy. We understand our client’s case and develop a winning argument based on the facts, individual circumstances, and the applicable law. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Antitrust
  • Civil and criminal fraud
  • Business disputes
  • Consumer Litigation Defense
  • Defamation, libel, and slander
  • Energy (particularly renewables)
  • Financial Services
  • Class Actions
  • Insurance coverage
  • Product liability
  • Securities

International Matters

Our lawyers have traveled widely and helped clients manage challenging international matters. Given our experience in courts in England, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Italy, Norway, and Spain, we have built up an extensive network of contacts that can greatly benefit our clients.

Strategic Counseling

As much as we love battling in court, what we always tell clients is, “we are happy to help you, but we don’t want your business.” We want to help clients avoid disputes whenever possible. With our decades of collective experience, we see “both the forest and the trees” and thus can advise our clients efficiently, so they identify problems, plan for the future, and organize their affairs in ways that avoid issues further down the line.