Jury Research and Testing

Effective jury research is an invaluable tool in case preparation. It helps you develop your evidence, plan further discovery, identify words and phrases to use at trial, as well as identify good witnesses and those that need some help. Also, of course, it helps you plan for jury selection, although this should not be your only focus.

Many clients spend huge sums on “jury testing,” but do not get good value for money. Most importantly, they do not get useful information that helps win the case. Jack can help. He has done dozens of jury exercises all over the country and can assist in several important ways.

Jack’s Methods of Jury Research

Playing the Opposition

It is important to make any jury exercise or “mock trial” as realistic as possible. You need a tough adversary, someone who can persuasively present all the best arguments against your case. Jack can do this. He knows how to work the room in a jury exercise and has won over many different panels. If you let him argue against you, you will get a preview of your client’s risk at trial.

Designing the Exercise

Lots of lawyers do not do not know how to design an effective jury exercise. They view it as another project and do not think critically about how it fits into overall trial preparation and strategy. Check out “Jack’s Keys to Effective Jury Testing” below. The advice is sound, and Jack can provide lots of additional detail about how to design a productive, worthwhile research session.

Choosing the Venue and Format

Historically, almost all jury exercises were done in person. Recent world conditions have forced lawyers and researchers to adapt. There have been unexpected benefits to doing virtual jury research, ones that will continue to be available even after social distancing requirements ease. Jack can help you design a cost efficient format that will yield valuable information.

Hiring the Consultant

Lots of people advertise themselves as expert jury consultants. There are, after all, no licensing requirements or standard set of credentials. As a result, lots of these “experts” are anything but. Instead, they offer made up advice, rely on out of date stereotypes, and sell the same “standard protocol” over and over again. Do not be fooled. Jack has worked with many different consultants and can help you choose the one that is right for you and your case.

Jack’s Keys to Effective Jury Testing